Activities of SRKS

Running a Children’s Home – 52 kids,Vocational Training for 80 students, Running an Old Age Home – 12 poor senior citizens, Running a Non-formal Primary School for the home children, Community Development, Organic Farming, SRKS is committed to make & keep the world GREEN and hence adopted Solar Energy as the form of Electricity.

Running a Children’s Home – 52 kids

For the last for decades, Sri Ramakrishna Sevashram had the opportunity of taking care of hundreds of poor kids. Mostly destitute, some orphan. Some came from the State Government, some from the police station and few brought to SRKS by relatives. Starting from 6 kids in 1972 by Sri Sudhansu Biswas, we have now more than 50 kids here in the Ashram.

We impart man-making education. Students are given lodging and food. They have space to play and exercise to keep the body fit. Also, we teach them religious scriptures, chant Gita and try to show the right path of life. We do not target to make them a doctor, engineer or a successful business man. It is upto the boy’s skill, capabilities and to an extent the fate – on what they aspire to become. What we try to make them is a HUMAN BEING. We strive to teach them the right values so that later on they turn to be the best of the men in the society.

Running an Old Age Home – 12 poor senior citizens

The Ashram runs one Old Age Home at a very reasonable rate so that poor aged people can take shelter with security, proper fooding, medical care and with peace of mind.

At present 14 rooms are there in two buildings, 1st building being partly 3 storied and partly 2 storied and the 2nd building being single storied, terrace floor of which is connected to first building through a gang way/passage.

Vocational Training – Not for Profit livelihood courses for Rural Empowerment

Since inception of the Ashram we wanted to serve the poor family not only with free value based education but to help them stand in their own feet. So, by the grace of Sri Ramakrishna we started our Vocational training program in 2015.

We are providing training courses in four areas i.e. Para-Medical or Health Assistant workers, Electrical writing, Mobile repairing and Computer repairing. We charge a minimal Rs. 50 (less than USD 1) to the students per month. After 10 months of training the students appear for an exam and given certificate on successfully passing it.

The first batch had a total of 80 students from the surrounding village with 20% being girl students. Already few students in Para Medical course have been placed in private clinical laboratories. The other are joining some established business and remaining are setting up their own shops.

Running a Non-formal Primary School for the home children

  • The non-formal is upto Class IV and not affiliated yet. After Class IV, the boys are being admitted to the local High School. These students also attend coaching classes at the evening
  • At the age of 18 years, a student can leave the ashram as per Govt. rules.

Community Development

  • a. Charitable Dispensary
  • b. Helping nearly 200 destitute widows
  • c. In the last few decades, we have already setup 18 Vivekananda Free Schools for the poor children in the remote villages in the Sunderban areas

Organic Farming

Renewable Energy

SRKS is committed to make & keep the world GREEN and hence adopted Solar Energy as the form of Electricity