Firstly, the Ashram hosts a big temple providing a place where neighbouring villagers seek peace and tranquility. This temple enables visits of scholarly and loving monks. Most of the hinterlands of the nation is devoid of higher philosophical practices and spiritual truths. The monks guides the villagers on the path of truth and a way of life without superstitions and bigoted beliefs.

Next, we are blessed to house and provide food to more than 1,200 needy and destitute kids. They lived in the Ashram happily and went on to stand in their own feet. Our students might not be the toppers of the school but we strive for excellence in human values and patriotism.

Our recent Vocational training program have empowered 250 youths as of 2019. We are happy making this change at the grass root level.

We are blessed to share articles written by monks from the Ramakrishna Order.

Read a Bengali article 125 years after 'Chicago Baktrita'
Read an English article : True Happiness

Patriotic Chants at the Ashram

Temple Songs

We do not wish to boast on our Ambulance service on the umpteen times it has been life saving to a pregnant lady or a snake bite patient or a critical patient at odd hours. Annual heath camps influenced health lifestyle and early detections.

Yet again we do not put forward the numbers to showcase the impact, rather it's the smiles of the beneficiaries and the faith of hundreds of the well wishers that bonds Sri Ramakrishna Sevashram together.

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Read about our founder and the Ashram's activities in the following articles.

Please read what the media mentioned about our beloved founder Sri Sudhanshu Biswas after the Govt. of India conferred him the Padmashri award..

Inspiring videos on our beloved founder Sri Sudanshu Biswas.

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ANUBANDH The journey of Sri Ramakrishna Sevashram is the English Publication of the Ashram.

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