Children Home

Admission is strictly on the basis of the recommendation of Directorate of Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal.

In true sense of the term, driven by the extreme poverty that prevails in this part of the country for which the urge for survival remains the central issue.

They remain upto the stage of being fostered. They remain tolerant to the strict discipline that the Ashram offers, so long they are unable to find any such other avenue. As they grow up, some of them try to cross the barrier of such discipline and with parental help, eke out living through their likings, as they feel best for survival.

A kid from the boys home shares his experience of staying in the Ashram. Please click here

A child is a raw material of nature. Environment plays a vital role in grooming his character. They are disciplined to develop their nature with the great teachings of Vivekananda so that they become fundamentally strong and can never be withered away by ulterior provocations. It is our strong belief that the problems of life can best be confronted if the spring of life is known by oneself. The child, by remaining here, develop such fellow feelings with the help of natural teachings, that they could develop an inherent character strength to confront the ups and downs of life in a manner that other conventional teaching method prevailing in other organization, could hardly bestow on them.

Many, being grown up, devoted their lives for social cause. Some of the boys achieved academic success. Some have become teachers. After all, we restrict any lofty claims in this regard as the Ashram does not believe success with material achievements; it believes something more.

For the fullest growth of the kids and leisure reading of the senior citizens, we have started a library in the Ashram premises since November 2013.

Embracing technology is essential for growth and we at SRKS wish to provide these kids with education on Computer & associated technologies. We recently purchased a desktop & printer. Internet connection has also been taken. Volunteers wishing to teach Elementary Computers are most welcome.