Registration and Legal Status:

  • Registered under Societies Registration Act
  • Have 80G tax exemption and it is updated. Ashram donation's exempted till perpetuity by the order of Income Tax Exemption office
  • The license of the children's home has been renewed
  • Audit Report is available properly along with the Annual Report
  • IT Registration: Vide Commissioner of Income Tax, West Bengal VII, Calcutta's No. Assmt /639/CT/8E/183-86-87 dated 30.06.08/ 08.07.2008

Income Statments

The Current Team:

Since 1973, Sri Ramakrishna Sevashram is legally registered as a society. Though we had started our seva journey in 1971. As Shri Biswas, founder of the Ashram was ageing, he transferred the authority to run the Ashram to members of the governing body which controls the functioning. The members of the governing body are from diverse background doctors, social workers, retired government officials, accountants, engineers, teachers, housewife, IT professionals, businessmen, etc. We have nearly 50 members in the Governing body who chooses an Executive committee democratically every 3 years.

Below are the names of the executive committee members:

  • President : Dr.Saumyendra Kumar Bagchi
  • Vice-Presidents : Sri Madhusudan Purkait, Sri Asoke Bose
  • Secretary : Sri Biswanth Purkait
  • Asst. Secretary : Dr. Prodyut Biswas
  • Treasurer : Sri Jugal Krishna Bairagi
  • Patrons : Sri Madhusudan Sen, Sri Jaharlal Deb, Sri Ashis Kumar Sen, Dr. Niharanjan Kayal, Prof. Shankar Nath Mukherjee
  • Sri Bhabani Prasad Chatterjee, Sri Sujit Das, Sri Panchanan Naskar, Sri Subhas Naskar, Sri Panchanan Bairagi, Sri Dulal Chandra Halder, Smt. Kamala Das, Smt. Sibani Pal, Smt. Maya Purkait


In our Ashram, there are 9 full time employees including 3 teachers, 4 cook and a farmer and a security guard. Two teachers stays in the night with the kids in the boy's home. Majority of the employees are working for decades in the Ashram.

There are 4 vocational teachers currently, coming every weekend.


A charitable institution's philosophy and seva can be assessed by the number of volunteers it attracts.

By the grace of Sri Ramakrishna, we are blessed with devoted volunteers of various age from local villages, Kolkata, other parts of Bengal and even a handful of them from Chennai.

We remain committed to the philosophy of seva and is answerable on usage of public money

Our donation and income details for 2018 as follows:

Our expenditure details for 2018 as follows:

Documentation, Adherence and Transparency has been the key focus for SRKS in the last 45 years

  • "Closely advised by monks of Belur Math, Narendrapur Math, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture and Sarada Math,Dakhineshwar.
  • Strict adherence to the 10-point guidelines laid by Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Bhav Prachar Parishads
  • Monthly inspection of Boy's home facilities and interview of present kids by state government officials and local police stations
  • Ashram is equipped with fire extinguishers and other safety measures
  • Ashram drinking water quality and health & hygiene supervised time to time by the Department of Social Welfare, W.B. state government
  • Day to day accounting of donation and expenditure documented digitally for audit purpose and submissions to the Government
  • Donation receipts, activity updates and donor reports being sent dilligently
  • Daily food chart being maintained and quality overseen by Ashram inmates and Government officials
  • Ashram farming activities and income from pisciculture, fruits sales, etc. are being documented daily and monthly reports published
  • Monthly meetings between Ashram officials and volunteers
  • Periodic visits of key politicians namely MLA, village panchayat head, neighboring municipality heads, block development officers and other social workers along with intellectual people