A purely Philanthropic Organization was set up in 1973 and foundation stone was laid by Swami Ramanandaji Maharaj, former Secretary, Ramkrishna Mission , Saradapith, Belur Math in 1973 and was registered in 1974 (Reg. No. S/15296 of 1974). Since then the Ashram is doing yeoman’s service by upbringing about 50 boys drawn from the poorest of the poor family – mostly being orphan and rendering basic schooling in the Boys’ Home.

The Ashram also runs an Old Age Home at a very nominal charge which not only provides a good shelter but also feeds them with good fooding so that at the fag end of life these old people realize that they are well secured and maintained with peace.

The Ashram operates a Charitable Dispensary and maintains one Ambulance for the benefit of local people apart from the inhabitants of the boys’ home and old age home and staff of the Ashram.

Our Mission

Daridra Deva Bhavo - We see God in the poor & needy. We are happy to serve them in all forms, irrespective of caste and creed.

Our Principles

The basic inspiration comes from the teachings of Vivekananda which comprise social development with human development. The teaching of Vivekananda heralds all sensible person to live for others. Literacy is one of the main instruments through which poverty could be alleviated. No man can live in isolation and all are interdependent. State has limitation while such organization could build up character with motivation.

Impelled by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, and his mission to spread literacy and et al, the Ashram was established by Shri Sudhanshu Biswas on 25th December 1973.

Our Work

“Service to man is service to God” is, to our mind, the essence of Swami Vivekanenda’s teaching of practical Vedanta for the common man, is pour source of inspiration. Our religion is to serve humanity.

We are a distant rural charitable organisation. With limited means and few backers, but owing to the grace of Sri Ramakrishana, blessings from Maa Sarada and principles laid by Swami Vivekanenda – we have lived up to the values and have served the needy to the maximum we can. We are happy doing our part at the grass root level.

We are not a branch of Ramakrishna Math & Mission, Belur but have very close ties with them. We have deep relationship with Ramakrishna Math, Narendrapur. We are a part of Ramakrishna-Vivekanenda Bhav Prachar Samity.

Activities of SRKS

Running a Children’s Home – 52 kids, Running an Old Age Home – 12 poor senior citizens, Running a Non-formal Primary School for the home children, conducting vocational training classes (mobile repairing, sewing, health assistance, etc.) and supporting on employment and entrepreneurship for dozens of needy rural youths every year, Community Development, Organic Farming, SRKS is committed to make & keep the world GREEN and hence adopted Solar Energy as the form of Electricity Read More

Legal Status

  • Registered under Societies Registration Act.
  • Have 80G exemption and it is updated
  • The license of the children’s home has been renewed
  • Audit Report is available properly along with the Annual Report.


The Ashram complex is connected by Dakshin Durgapur Railway Station on Shealdaha – Diamond Harbour section (about 2 KM away) and by motorable road Via Baruuipur and crossing Shasan Railway Gate while coming from Kolkata.